Late Bloomers Designs was founded in 1998 when a friend suggested to owner Joanne Clark that “she should do something with her photographs.”

So she did. At one point she had 9 stores around the country (and in Bermuda) selling her photo cards.

In 2006, Joanne launched her jewelry line after, once again, friends challenged her to try her hand at jewelry-making. Her designs were an instant success, much to her surprise, and she concentrated her selling at crafts fairs.

Her designs have been featured at Alpaca International, a boutique in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where over 100 necklaces were sold over a two-year period.

Joanne takes pleasure in the pleasure her products bring her clients.

“Joanne Clark of Late Bloomers Design has a flair for color, design and composition.  Her photo cards are beautiful and eye-catching.  Her necklaces are standouts — colorful, varied in textures, and often include unique beads. The participants of a class that she held in Pittsburgh were  all pleased with the creations that she helped them to craft.”