Photography provided the initial impetus, in 1998, for the creation of Late Bloomers Designs.

Beginning with photo cards that reflected the photographer’s travels, card varieties soon expanded to include florals, landscapes, sunsets, holidays and a broader selection of travel photos.

Matted enlargements soon followed, and within the last six years, the portfolio has grown to include ceramic tile coasters and most recently, trivets, or hot plates.

Thousands of cards and hundreds of coasters have been sold since the company’s inception. Numerous trivets have been sold in the short time they have been available.

We currently are offering cards, coasters and trivets. Simply select the image and then the product and we’ll create them for you!

Cards can be purchased individually or you can create your own set by purchasing multiple cards — the same image or different!

Shop Our Custom Photography Products

You can order custom greeting cards, coasters and trivets.

Cards are sold individually, in sets of 5 and sets of 10.  You can mix and match images. You’ll see instructions on the image product page.

Coasters are sold individually and in sets of 4 and you can mix and match images. You’ll see instructions on the image product page.

Trivets are sold individually.

Browse the gallery to see samples of cards, coasters and trivets.





“Love Joanne’s photographic cards!  I like to have them on hand especially for seasonal notes.  I also have coasters and a trivet.   The photography on these items brings back memories of visits to amazing places, or brings to mind the beauty of a particular season. They make great gifts!”